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Solar-Putty | Free Multi-Tab Terminal Emulator

Solarwinds has released a FREE multi-tab terminal emulator.
Key features include:
Support for SCP, SSH, Telnet, and SFTP
Saving credentials and private-key imports
Multiple sessions in one window
Graphical SFTP
And much more..

Best of all it integrates with GNS3

Download your copy at Solarwinds.
From GNS3 navigate to Edit > Preferences > General > Console Applications > Edit > Custom

Copy and paste the location to solar-putty.exe
Click ok > apply

“C:\Users\jaime\Documents\SolarWinds-FT-Solar-PuTTY-2.0\Solar-PuTTY.exe” –telnet –hostname %h –port %p –name “%d


solar putty
solar putty

Credit to: David Bombal