Emulation: GNS3 | EVE-NG | VIRL

How to install GNS3 on Ubuntu & Linux Mint

First thing you will need is VMware Workstation Player.  VMware Player is available at no cost for non-commercial, personal, and home use.

Make sure to download the file for Linux.

Open a terminal window and change directory to where you downloaded the file.

Change permissions to make the file executable

j@cliwarriors:~/Downloads$ chmod a+x VMware-Player-15.0.0-10134415.x86_64.bundle 

You can now run the .bundle by running the command below

j@cliwarriors:~/Downloads$ sudo ./VMware-Player-15.0.0-10134415.x86_64.bundle 
[sudo] password for j: 
Extracting VMware Installer...done.
[AppLoader] Use shipped Linux kernel AIO access library.
An up-to-date "libaio" or "libaio1" package from your system is preferred.

The graphical installer will appear and you can begin the installation

VMware Player is now installed and ready for use.

Next you will need to download and extract the GNS3 VM

j@cliwarriors:~/Downloads$ unzip GNS3.VM.VMware.Workstation.2.1.11.zip 
Archive:  GNS3.VM.VMware.Workstation.2.1.11.zip
  inflating: GNS3 VM.ova  

Once extracted you will have the GNS3 VM.ova file that we can import into VMware Player

From the VMware Player 15 window navigate to File > Open a Virtual Machine > and select the GNS3 VM.ova file > Open > Import

Once the import has finished we can Power On our GNS3 VM

Once powered on make a note of the IP address. 

We can now begin the GNS3 front-end installation.  *Ubuntu 64-bit based distros only!

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gns3/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gns3-gui

Our GNS3 Client is now installed and we can begin the Setup Wizard

Under Host binding – Select the same network as your GNS3 VM IP > Next

If you see the error message below you will need to download the vix-api bundle and install it first before you can proceed with the wizard

j@cliwarriors:~/Downloads$ chmod a+x VMware-VIX-1.15.0-2985596.x86_64.bundle 
j@cliwarriors:~/Downloads$ sudo ./VMware-VIX-1.15.0-2985596.x86_64.bundle 
[sudo] password for j: 
Extracting VMware Installer...done.

We can now return to the GNS3 Wizard press the Refresh button to find the GNS3 VM

Configure your desired vCPU Cores and RAM size > Next

gns3 ubuntu

Congratulations!!! GNS3 is ready for your first lab