Wednesday, June 19, 2019

How to Backup Cisco WLC Configuration

Backing up the configuration on a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller is not the same as Cisco IOS "copy startup-config".  I will show you how to do it with the GUI and CLI.

Cisco WLC Initial Configuration

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller initial setup. Configuration Notes: Hostname: vWLC-1Username / PasswordService Interface IP Address - Out Of Bound ManagementManagement Interface IP Address - In-band...

Disable 802.11b | Cisco WLC

Follow the steps below to disable 802.11b data rates of 11 Mbit/s on the Cisco Wireless Lan Controller.  One of the top reasons to disable 802.11b is to increase overall throughput in...
cisco wlc prime

How to add WLC to Cisco Prime Infrastructure

In this tutorial we will look at the steps required to add a Cisco WLC to Prime Infrastructure using SNMP V3.Software versions:Cisco Virtual Wireless Controller 8.3Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.4