Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Cisco ASA - Active / Standby Failover

Cisco ASA – Configure Active Standby Failover

This post describes how to configure two Cisco ASA's in Active / Standby Fail-over configuration. The standby ASA will take over a failed unit. Topology

How to encrypt all Cisco passwords

Setting the "service password-encryption" will encrypt all passwords in the show running-config Ex. Enable and Line clear text passwords. Passwords are encrypted with the MD5 hashing algorithm. Before applying:...
kali linux

How to install Kali Linux on Eve-NG

Kali Linux is a Debian based distribution designed for digital forensics and penetration testing.  Maintained by Offensive Security Ltd. Login as root to Eve-NG...

How to install FreeRADIUS (AAA) on Ubuntu Server

FreeRADIUS is a free / Open Source AAA server.  It can be used for Cisco routers & switches authentication, wpa2-enterprise deployments, 802.1x authentication, etc.
Configure Telnet on Cisco Router

Configure Telnet on Cisco Router

Telnet allows you to remotely manage a Cisco router over a TCP connection.  Keep in mind that telnet is not secure and everything is transmitted in clear-text. Configure...
console password

Configure Enable Secret / Console Password and Timeout

In this lab we will configure the enable secret and console passwords to help secure your routers and switches from unauthorized access.  We will also configure the console timeout to 10 minutes.
cisco access list acl

Configure Standard ACL Numbered | Cisco Router

You can use a Standard Access Control List to allow or deny traffic to a host, network, or any host.  In our example below we will deny traffic from...

Errordisable Recovery | Cisco Switch

In this example we will recover from a Port Security Mac Sticky violation after 30 seconds.  From the output below you can see that we can recover from multiple different types of...
Port Security mac sticky

How to configure Port Security (mac sticky) on Cisco Switches

Port Security is enabled per port and the switch port will only allow traffic from the learned MAC address to be forwarded.In our example below we will set a maximum of one...
Cisco Netflow

IOS Netflow configuration for Cisco routers

Using the example below you will be able to configure  a router with Netflow for Cisco Stealthwatch.Netflow was developed by Cisco and it provides the ability to collect IP network traffic.