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Basic EIGRP Configuration | Cisco Router

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is an open-standard distance vector protocol developed by Cisco.  Routers running EIGRP must form neighbors before they can begin to exchange routes.  The multicast address for...

Configure LACP EtherChannel on Cisco Switch

In this lab we will look at the minimum configuration required to build a redundant and high speed link between two Cisco switches. etherchannel
Configure Telnet on Cisco Router

Configure Telnet on Cisco Router

Telnet allows you to remotely manage a Cisco router over a TCP connection.  Keep in mind that telnet is not secure and everything is transmitted in clear-text. Configure...
console password

Configure Enable Secret / Console Password and Timeout

In this lab we will configure the enable secret and console passwords to help secure your routers and switches from unauthorized access.  We will also configure the console timeout to 10 minutes.
cisco access list acl

Configure Standard ACL Numbered | Cisco Router

You can use a Standard Access Control List to allow or deny traffic to a host, network, or any host.  In our example below we will deny traffic from...

Basic OSPF Configuration | Cisco Router

In this lab we will configure the Open Shortest Path First routing protocol (OSPF) between two routers in the same area.  With OSPF you must use a wildcard mask in your network...

RIPv2 Configuration | Cisco Router

RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is a distance vector protocol which uses Hop Counts (Max 15 hops) as a routing Metric. Default RIPv2 Timers Update - 30...
gateway of last resort

Configure Default Static Route (Gateway of last resort) | Cisco Router

A default static route is required when the destination network is  NOT known by the routing table. When is a default static route required?Stub Networks - Networks with only one exit pointLimited...

Errordisable Recovery | Cisco Switch

In this example we will recover from a Port Security Mac Sticky violation after 30 seconds.  From the output below you can see that we can recover from multiple different types of...
Port Security mac sticky

How to configure Port Security (mac sticky) on Cisco Switches

Port Security is enabled per port and the switch port will only allow traffic from the learned MAC address to be forwarded.In our example below we will set a maximum of one...

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